ahhh, alright I have to get to work now


remember that time i worked in a shoe store and i asked a guy if he needed a hand and he held up one of his arms and he didn’t have a hand and he said “clearly” and laughed really hard and i didn’t know what to do

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140919 Sunny FM Date Viewable Radio with TaeTiSeo

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egg-of-happiness: ooh your korean is strong? how long have you been studying, or is it something you know naturally? :3

I’m Colombian so definitely not naturally haha. 

Well I haven’t studied it lately but I did for about a year or so. I understand way more than I speak which is why I want classes, to get the grammar of it. Cause there is SO much to any language. More than I can get off of videos and websites on my own anyway. I can read it and write what I do know. I’m like at a conversational level I guess? Not fluent. So I wouldn’t say it’s “strong” but strong enough to be able to watch something without subs and still get what’s going on/ the main idea. Depending on the subject. Medical/legal jargon is not something I’d get AT ALL. lol. Or financial talk. But day to day subjects I do pretty well with at this point. :)

Watching Taetae’s musical… without subs. I haven’t found the full thing with eng or spanish subs, only mandarin lol. Thankfully my Korean is strong enough that I majorly understand what’s going on. I just miss out on some jokes and minor details.