the-love-i-found: I feel like she had plans to leave, but that she planned on doing it in a few years time, so she could marry Tyler and live life happily. That's why I think she started BLANC so early. But, for SM to turn around like they did and just drop her? That's not only idiotic but inexcusable. From her Weibo statement, she seemed absolutely crushed and I personally will remain by her side until she murders someone or something ridiculous like that. I miss Sica already...

Supposedly she said she was going to stop promoting with Soshi after one more album, so she had already decided to leave the group after a certain amount of time. Because realistically speaking she’s just not going to be able to do all these things she wants to do to the fullest [at the same time]. SNSD is pretty all-consuming from what I’ve seen. So to continue with Soshi, LAUNCH HER OWN COMPANY (the amount of work that is going to require is hefty), go to school to study design, AND start a marriage (allegedly) would be next to impossible. Or it would be, but she’d be experiencing everything in parts and I don’t think she wants that for herself. So I can understand her decision to leave soon. After the Tokyo Dome and the album. The betrayal here isn’t her leaving exactly but the fact that it was pushed up without her consent (that’s what I understand anyway). So there had already been discussions of her going her own way. I think SM’s decision to cut her prematurely was rash and hasty, definitely unnecessary. 

Sidenote: I have to admit that I was feeling betrayed by the other girls, too, last night… however, I understand them continuing on with SNSD promotions even with Jessica going her own way (sort of) because looking at it from their point of view, the decision to let her go was essentially made by SM and Jessica ( though handled rather poorly). So, I understand that despite the pain of losing someone they held so dearly, because I do believe the girls care(d) for each other, they decide to continue working at what they’ve dedicated and sacrificed their personal lives/dreams for. 

Thinking about it from their perspective, choosing to drop everything  would be an extreme decision and they had  A LOT to think about because the consequences of a decision like that would be many… And to repeat, they weren’t the ones to make this choice so I believe it came as a shock to them as well and I know they are suffering, too. In a much different way than Jessica is, of course, but they are hurting. 

I intend to support both parties during this time. I think it’ll be difficult since in my mind “SNSD” has alway been synonymous to “9”, They went hand in hand and it has been marketed and sold that way… but things happen. People grow, they choose life over career (sometimes it hits before they expect it but they still choose). Jessica is continuing on with SM Entertainment (good news… I guess? Idk. Just news.) so we will continue to see her, albeit not with the girls, but we will see her. And the girls… they have a difficult road ahead. This is a HUGE hit, not in a good way at all… we have to see how they’ll recover from this one… if they manage to. Because the Soshi fandom (formerly one of the strongest fandoms in kpop tbh) has been split in two. So… idk. Time will tell. I’m not confident in what the future holds for them. I feel that Jessica is going to receive a lot of support though, I’m not worried about that.

Anyway, I could go on and on but I think I’ll stop here.

the-love-i-found: Have you seen what Dispatch has posted about Sica leaving? According to them, she was in New York with her "unoffical boyfriend" (?) Tyler Kwon looking for fashion schools because that's what she wants to do in ADDITION to being in SNSD. Then she was rushing back to Incheon so she could go to China for soshi's fanmeet. They didn't say that she was still in the group or that she had left, but they did say that she herself had to choose between soshi & her new fashion business BLANC.

I don’t know… I don’t know what to think or say or… I just don’t know. None of that even matters to me right now. I guess all I can say is that I hope she is able to rise up from this even stronger and that she will find even more success that she could have dreamed for herself. Idk.



In short:

SM statement: “SNSD only has 8 members from now on” [but Jessica will remain under SM Ent.]

source: Naver, TV Daily

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Anonymous: sica spent almost 15 years of her life with some of these girls... and your telling me that no one NO ONE sided to her? yeah i don't buy it... but the thing is that we probably won't ever know what actually happened, we just know what sm wants us to know....

SM Press Release Summary:


  • SM was informed by Jessica that she will terminate all team activities after completing activities for the last album, this spring.
  • SM and members were shocked, but they continued to work normally for the team’s interest.
  • Jessica struggled to manage the clash…

GG Sone's...


Pun intended >_>

I’ve been a Sone for nearly 6 years now.

But let’s face it people. Wake up.
We grow up, they grow up, we all grow up.

There’s nothing we or even SM can do about it.

If Jessica wants to do more with her life than SNSD then so be it.

Yes, I’m upset.

Yes, I don’t want…

Been trying to sleep but for real this jessica situation wont let me


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